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The image database used in the experiments presented in our SIBGRAPI 2005 paper is available for download. For each one of the 10 digits, 10 binary images with approximately 672 digits each were obtained by digitalizing (200 dpi) paper forms containing samples taken from various subjects. While collecting the data, our objective was to simulate the writing of digits in postal envelopes. The individuals were asked to write several digits inside square regions. The images are separated into a training set (70%) and a test set (30%), and are in PNG format.

Digit database (tar.gz file)
Digit database (zip file)

The images were collected by participants of the VERASS project , a project that took place at IME-USP and was supported by Olivetti do Brasil SA. Among the various people who collaborated in the effort to collect the digits are Routo Terada, Junior Barrera, Flavio Soares Corrêa da Silva, Francisco Zampirolli, Nina S. T. Hirata, Roberto Hirata Jr., Roberto Cassio Araujo, and, of course, everyone who had the patience to write the digits inside the boxes :-)


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