Thanks to all participants, we had a wonderful event. Obrigado!

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The São Paulo Advanced School of Computing is a biennial academic event organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of University of São Paulo (IME-USP), the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of University of São Paulo (ICMC-USP) and the Institute of Computing of University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP). Its goal is to exhibit research in Computer Science done in the State of São Paulo and attract young talents from Brazil and other countries to carry out their PhD and post-doctoral studies in its institutions. The event covers themes in areas in which the three institutions involved show excellence.

This 1st edition of the School took place at IME-USP, from July 12th to July 17th 2010, and the theme was Image Processing and Visualization. The School included the following activities: short intensive courses (minicourses), presentations of graduate programs offered by the three São Paulo institutions and their current research projects, short presentations by advanced participating students and some invited talks. The minicourses were taught by researchers from the three institutions and by international experts. For more details, visit the venue and schedule pages.

There were available slots for a total of 65 students and 10 researchers. Among those, 30 foreign students and 15 Brazilian students were selected to receive financial support for travel and hotel costs. The selection of students getting financial support was done by the organizing committee through analysis of a letter of candidate describing his/her intentions to attend the school, description of the candidate's current research project, curricula and recommendation letters. The selection of further participants was also based on those criteria.

Organizing Committee
Ricardo AnidoIC-UNICAMP
Carlos Eduardo FerreiraIME-USP
Paulo Cesar MasieroICMC-USP
Tomasz KowaltowskiIC-UNICAMP
Local Organizing Committee
Andréa Britto MattosIME-USP
Edwin Delgado HuaynalayaIME-USP
Evaldo Araújo de Oliveira FilhoIME-USP
Jorge Luis Guevara DíazIME-USP
Jesús P. Mena-ChalcoIME-USP
Igor dos Santos MontagnerIME-USP
Leissi Margarita CastañedaIME-USP
Marcelo HashimotoIME-USP
Maysa Malfiza Garcia de MacedoIME-USP
Rosario MedinaIME-USP
Sílvia Cristina Dias PintoIME-USP