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Joint International Workshops on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition and Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition S+SSPR 2014

S+SSPR 2014The next S+SSPR (Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition - SSPR and Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition - SPR) will be organized by the University of Eastern Finland, Jouensuu in the city of Joensuu, Finland, on 20-22, 2014.

The program will be organized in a single-track 2-day workshop. It will comprise several sessions dedicated to specific topics related to graphics in document analysis and graphic recognitio. For each session, there will be an invited presentation describing the state of the art and stating the open questions for the topic of the session, followed by a number of short presentations that will contribute by proposing solutions to some of the questions or presenting results of the speaker's work. Each session will be concluded by a panel discussion.


SPR Topics: SSPR Topics:
  • Domain adaptation 
  • Dissimilarity Representations 
  • Ensemble Methods 
  • Multiple Classifiers 
  • Gaussian Processes 
  • Dimensionality Reduction 
  • Clustering Algorithms 
  • Model Selection 
  • Semi-Supervised Learning 
  • Multiple Instance Learning 
  • Active Learning 
  • Contextual Pattern Recognition 
  • Location-based Pattern Recognition 
  • Partially Supervised Learning 
  • Novelty Detection 
  • Comparative Studies
  • Structural Matching 
  • Structural Complexity 
  • Syntactic Pattern Recognition 
  • Image Understanding 
  • Shape Analysis 
  • Graph-theoretic Methods 
  • Graphical Models 
  • Kernel Methods for Structured Data 
  • Spectral Methods 
  • Spatio-Temporal Pattern Recognition 
  • Stochastic Structural Models 
  • Intelligent Sensing Systems 
  • Multimedia Analysis 
  • Image Document Analysis 
  • Structured Text Analysis
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Important Dates - Deadlines

March 1, 2014 Paper Submission
April 17, 2014 Notifications
May 17, 2014 Camera-ready papers
August 20-22, 2014 Workshops

For more information to visit the website of The S+SSPR - 2014
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