PCA for face recognition

by Teófilo Campos
Creativision research group
IME - USP - Brazil

MatLab implementation

pca_matlab.zip: PCA for Face Recognition, for MatLab 5.0 or upper - by Téo (5KB).

This implementation was done due to the project Eigenfaces versus Eigeneyes: First Steps Toward Performance Assessment of Representations for Face Recognition.

Software developed by Sami Romdhani (romdhani@scientist.com)

pca_doc.zip: documentation (from his Master's degree thesis) - MS-Word (1.298KB)
pca2.zip: executable files for Windows (1.095KB)
pca2_src.zip: source files (222KB)
pcaexmpl.zip: example files (33KB)

You will have to create your project file (see how to do this in pca_doc.zip) to use the PCA software with this image database.

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